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Hey Courchevel team,

It is just me who thinks finding new customers should be a lot easier?

There’s a ton of experts out there telling you what an amazing tool the internet is, they even attempt to teach you their super simple crazy viral marketing techniques. Whenever I’ve listened to these people I’ve become more overwhelmed and confused than before (Not to mention a few Euros lighter for the pleasure).

It’s tricky to work out digital marketing and attract new customers. Social media, SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, blogs, and podcasts. The list goes on. And seriously, who actually has the time (or inspiration) to make a podcast… All this requires time, know-how, and serious investment with no guaranteed customers. I mean how many bookings did you get from your last Instagram post?

What I do know is that you’ve built an amazing company that customers love! 

How do I know this? Because you’ve not set out to build a bad company, bad companies don’t last long. 

So, you’re great at what you do and people enjoy the service. It should be simple to get customers, right?

Especially when Courchevel sells over 1.1 million ski days every winter with upto 40,000 people staying in the resort at a single time. 

That’s a lot of people. People that need service throughout their holiday. They travel from around the world, relax in luxury accommodation, learn their first turns on the snow, explore winter adventures, and indulge in food and drink. 

And you don’t need me to tell you that skiers in Courchevel are happy to spend money on quality service. 

Just take a look around town:

There’s more good news. 

The internet can make it EASY to reach these customers, if you know where to look. And if you’ve got any sort of marketing budget, you can unlock whole new markets in seconds. If you’re wondering, it’s recommended you should spend 5%-10% of revenue on marketing (That’s what Forbes and Hubspot say anyway…) 

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, at Courchevel.VIP we’ve built a community of luxury skiers and snowboarders who LOVE Courchevel. Last winter we had 20,000 to 30,000 website views a month, all people looking for information and travelling to the ski resort. (That’s just the start, we’re growing FAST)

But we had a problem.

While Google rankings and social media attract this engaged audience, the final step was missing – the businesses offering the finest service and experience.

That’s you.

We want you to stand on our shoulders to truly show ‘Courchevel at its finest’.

This summer we built a platform to bring new customers to your door. Now you can feature on Courchevel.VIP in just a few clicks. You’ll be online in a matter of minutes and be in front of new customers 24/7. You can get back to running your business knowing you always have marketing in place. You don’t need to spend hours learning new techniques, worry about creating content, or spend thousands on Google Ads.

So I promised quick and easy. Here’s how to secure your spot and get featured RIGHT NOW.

  1. Choose your package below from as little as €29/ a month for a basic listing. Or unlock the full marketing power with a Premier Listing, that’ll get you a direct booking form, featured in every Courchevel village, and much more. (Here’s an example.) 
  2. Create an account. So you can update your listing at any time.
  3. Add your business information, contact details, pictures, services, and videos – everything that you want customers to know!
  4. Pay the first month’s subscription with a credit or debit card. This runs automatically each month.
  5. We’ll do a quick check to make sure your listing looks amazing and publish within 24 hours.
  6. Our guarantee – if you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime

P.S. Thanks to our organic Google traffic, there’s people on the website at this very second. Create your business listing now and you could get new bookings today.


Directory Listing

€29 / month

Business name

Address (optional)

5 x photos

Company description

Website URL

Social media links

Premier Directory


€64 month

Basic Directory Listing plus:

10 x photos


Direct booking form

Opening hours

Select multiple resort locations (1850, 1650, 1550, Le Praz, La Tania)

Complete Advertising Package

€149 month

Premier Directory Listing

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Enquire about complete advertising packages:


What is Courchevel.VIP?

Courchevel.VIP is where people come to find the very best of Courchevel and luxury winter travel. 

Along with in-depth guides, mind-blowing visual content, and up-to-date news, we also love showing off amazing products and services to our ever-expanding readers.

We offer the ability to reach tens of thousands of people on their computers, smartphones, and tablets every winter to bring in new customers to your business.

Meet Our Team

Eliot Prince


Eliot brings all things content to Courchevel. One minute he’s writing a feature on the newest chalet, next he’s presenting a snow forecast. What he doesn’t know about digital marketing you can write on the back of a lift pass.

Richard Roberts


Richard is the visionary behind Courchevel. VIP, not least because he’s the local go-to photographer. You’ll often find him helping the most exclusive Courchevel companies show off what they have to offer.

Courtney Flannagan

Graphic Design

Courtney ties everything together and makes it pop. Once the photos are in and the words are written, the final (most important) touches are added. She turns companies into brands.