Unmissable Ski Runs in Courchevel for Every Skier

Want to ski the best pistes in Courchevel? Keep reading for the rundown of unmissable ski runs

Courchevel offers some of the best skiing in the world, making up a third of the world’s largest ski area.

Warm up your legs and tighten your boots, it’s time to ski the best pistes in Courchevel.

We’ve collected Courchevel’s best ski runs with a little something for all abilities. So keep reading whether you want to test your skill, enjoy spectacular views or escape for a long tranquil ride.

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The Grand Couloir – Advanced/Off Piste

The Grand Couloir is world-famous and infamous in equal measures.

A bucket list run for every advanced skier in The Three Valleys.

This black run is the furthest thing from a groomed piste. In fact, although it is a marked black run it is actually a grizzly off-piste Couloir overlooking Courchevel.

You’ll see the deep moguls on the side of Saulire from miles away. If you’re lucky enough to be first up there on a powder day then you’re in for the run of your life. Steep and deep. Leave it more than an hour and the moguls start to build once more.

One tip, don’t leave the Grand Couloir until the end of the day. You definitely need to attack this one with fresh legs.

Combe de la Saulire – Intermediate / Red Run

Combe de la Saulire was rated as one of the top ski runs in the world by the Telegraph in 2018!

It’s the huge red run carving its way through the heart of the ski area. Tighten your ski boots and work your way down this wide rolling beauty. Look up to the left to see the Grand Couloir off the top of Saulire.

Concentrate on your turns before taking a breather. Peer into the distance, on a clear day you’ll make out Mt Blanc.

Finish off this epic ride over the rollers and hop back on the Saulire cable car or continue down into the centre of Courchevel 1850.

Combe de la Saulire ski run Courchevel

Creux – Intermediate / Blue Run

Creux is quite possibly the most popular run in Courchevel.

It’s a challenging blue but wide enough to give plenty of room for mistakes.

Creux is an epic warm up run in the morning before the fresh groomer is carved up!

You’ll fly up to the top of the mountain, take a gulp of crisp mountain air before kicking off your day.

Follow the whole run down for a wide-open rolling ski with choice of lifts as you go.

Beware, leave it till late in the afternoon and a once glorious piste can get busy, choppy and unpleasant… especially in spring!

Creux ski run

Chanrossa – Advanced / Black Run

From the top of Chanrossa lift, this one starts off soft but the first challenges soon creep up on you.

If you’re skiing in a group, intermediate skiers can peel off to the right to enjoy the long Jean Pachod red piste to meet you at the bottom.

The heart of the black run is steep and can get icy as it winds its way down from Roc Merlet to meet the bottom of the Chanrossa lift.

Enjoy the view from the top before a high-speed run below the marvellous Aiguille de Fruit.

Accessible via Chanrossa lift on the 1850 side or Roc Merlet lift from 1650 it’s perfect to challenge yourself mid-morning after the legs have warmed up and sun softens the top layer.

Chanrossa ski run Courchevel

Plan Fontaine – Beginner / Green Run

Plan Fontaine is one for those looking for a quiet relaxing uninterrupted ski, no matter your level.

It sneaks, winds and glides among the quiet trees of La Tania. The never-ending run starts from Le Bouc Blanc and slowly descends into the heart of La Tania.

If you’re still working on your technique but want a longer ski to get into the rhythm then ‘PFT’ is the pick of the bunch!

plan fontaine ski run Coourchevel

Grandes Bosses – Intermediate / Red Run

Grandes Bosses is an underrated gem often going unnoticed on the sunny slopes of 1650.

Find its start point just below the top of Roc Mugnier chairlift.

Enjoy the wide open flat to practice your carving before descending into higher speed terrain. Finish off on the undulating rollers as you arrive at the Signal chairlift or even continue into the trees of Indiens.

Grandes Bosses a quiet run for all times of the day even as a last blast before cruising down into the Moriond 1650 village for an apres-ski session.

skiing holiday 2021

Eclipse – Advanced / Black Run

New for the 2021 / 2022 ski season is the Eclipse piste. It’s been specially designed for the 2023 World Championships which are being held in Courchevel.

The epic piste starts from the top of the Bouc Blanc chairlift before flying down into the trees. As you pick up speed you’ll cut onto the original Jockeys black run before flying down the home straight to the finish line in Le Praz. It’s an epic new addition to the best pistes in Courchevel and not one to be missed.

Perhaps a good test to get the blood flowing in the morning or even a homeward bound run if you’re staying at a chalet in Le Praz!

new ski piste eclipse courchevel

Best Courchevel Ski Pistes

The list of unmissable ski runs above make for an epic ski around Courchevel. You can start off with some warm-up laps on Creux and Combe Saulire. If the legs are feeling good then it’s time to test yourself on high-speed Chanrossa or claim the bragging rights of the Grand Couloir.

To be honest, wherever you ski in Courchevel, you’re going to experience some of the best skiing in the world.  The meticulously groomed ski slopes are coupled with a high-speed modern lift network.

Skiing in Courchevel is nothing less than perfection.