La Tania Resort Guide

La Tania has always been part of the three valleys ski network, but until recently it was a separate commune, La Perrier, and therefore not actually part of Courchevel. 

That all changed in 2018 when the French government decided to streamline local Mayoral offices by combining smaller communes together to create larger ones. La Tania (and La Perrier which sits at around 600m altitude) were amalgamated into the Courchevel commune and so La Tania officially became part of Courchevel.

The village of La Tania was purpose built in time for the 1992 Albertville Olympics to house journalists and technical crews. The properties, which at that time mainly consisted of apartment buildings were then sold to the public. It also boasts its own chalet quarter which has some very highly specced Chalets. In fact La Tania has something to suit all budgets.

The vibe is very much that of a family friendly resort, with its car free centre it is ideal if you have young children. It is particularly popular with British and French families, there are après ski activities in the center of the village for the kids during the holidays.

Dreaming of La Tania?

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Skiing in La Tania

La Tania ski area

The central beginners area in La Tania has been totally transformed over the last couple of years, and it is a far safer ski area as a result. 

Where before, the Troika piste used to be a thoroughfare for all levels of skier decending the Folyers piste and skiing through the beginners area to get to the bubble lift, that area has now been closed off and all advanced skiers are filtered around the side of the beginners area and out below the new covered magic carpet. 

This make it an ideal area for little ones and anyone skiing for the first time to ski in complete tranquility knowing that a faster skier isn’t going to buzz past.

The green Plan Fontaine piste is a green run which meanders through the tania forest above the resort and is ideal for beginners. 

For more advanced skiers there are two pistes, Folyers, a blue run which in our opinion is one of the finest tree run pistes in the three valleys, this piste finishes in the centre of La Tania. And finally the Moretta Blanche red run. This piste can be very good, particularly in fresh snow conditions, but does get tracked out and can be challenging if it’s icy. Ski down to resort and get yourself a hot chocolate or Vin Chaud at one of the welcoming bars before heading up the Tania bubble and doing it all again!

Ski Rental

Most people choose to rent skis from the top quality shops in the village. You’ll see all the major suppliers in the village centre, along with independent shops with first class service.

You can easily book online, plus even have your ski rental delivered and fitted in your accommodation. 

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Ski Lessons

If it’s your first time skiing then it is essential to have ski lessons. Plus if you already have a good level, you can take your technique to the next level. The better you become the more fun there is to be had on the mountain. 

There’s a wide range of ski schools and private instructors to choose from. Group lessons are available from the bigger ski schools. While a private ski instructor helps to accelerate your learning. Plus they’ll meet you at your chalet or hotel and act as your guide to the resort for the day. 


La Tania accommodation from above

La Tania, like Le Praz, ranges from affordable self catered apartments to luxury Chalets with indoor swimming pools. There is also a 3 star rated hotel, the Hotel Montana. 

Local luxury chalet company Alpine Escape have been offering catered Chalet holidays in La Tania for over 10 years. For many the resort is considered a hidden gem as many of the properties are ski to door (or only q very short walk from the pistes) it has a high return rate of loyal skiers who love it’s family friendly atmosphere and easy access to the three valleys.

Dining & Nightlife

La Tania boasts its own Michelin star restaurant “Le Farçon” owned and run by chef Julien Machet. It has some lively bars which have après ski live music, Pub Le Ski Lodge, La Taiga cocktail lounge and Le Bistro Machet (which is also owned by Le Farçon). 

There is also a pizza take away, delicatessen and Le Marmotons restaurant serving traditional Savoyard dishes, there are plenty of choices for lunch or dinner in La tania.


Three ski shops, a Newsagents (or Presse), and a Spar Supermarket. La Tania will have you covered for all the basics, but if you want high fashion you’ll need to make your way over to Courchevel 1650 or 1850, check out our shopping guide here.

La Tania – A Family Friendly Resort

La Tania is a family friendly resort that offers something for everyone. And If you’ve got a young family it could be the perfect destination for your trip to Courchevel. It has excellent access to the three valleys, its own ESF ski school, magic carpet area for beginners, great nightlife and restaurants.  La Tania has a broad range of accommodation options too so there’s something to cater for every budget.