How to Ski from Courchevel 1850 to La Tania [And Back]

Want to ski from Courchevel 1850 to La Tania?

Well, it’s very easy to do!

In fact, you only need to take one lift.

The two ski resorts work with one lift pass too. You will be able to ski in La Tania with a Courchevel or Three Valleys lift pass.

Below you will find the quickest routes to take, the choice of lifts depending on your starting location, and pistes based on your ability.

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Skiing from Courchevel 1850 to La Tania

Quickest route: 

  1. Chenus gondola
  2. Lanches red run
  3. Folyeres blue run

From the Courchevel 1850 snow front, take the Chenus gondola. 

At the top of Chenus, clip on your skis and ski straight ahead down the Lanches red run.

Alternatively, you can ski right along the ridge past the top of Bouc Blanc chairlift. Keep going until you see the top of the Plantrey chairlift. Then turn left onto Bouc Blanc red run or Arrolles blue run.

Eventually, all of these pistes arrive at the top of the La Tania gondola. From here you can choose the Folyeres blue run or Plan Fontaine green run. Both of these deliver you to the centre of La Tania village.

Folyeres blue run is a wide rolling slope which gets quite steep at some point. Plan Fontaine is a gentle green run twisting through the trees. 

From Courchevel 1850 you can also take the Plantrey chairlift or Coqs chairlift. This carries you up to the same ridge as Chenus and you can follow the same ski route down to La Tania.

Below the route is circled in yellow on a piste map:

1850 to La Tania

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Skiing from La Tania to Courchevel 1850

Quickest route:

  1. La Tania gondola
  2. Dou des Lanches chairlift
  3. Anemones blue run

Starting in La Tania, take the gondola up the hill. 

From the top, turn right and ski to either the Dou Des Lanches or Bouc Blanc chairlift. 

From the top of Dou Des Lanches chairlift, turn left and then carry on straight ahead onto the Anemones blue run. This run starts wide and then flows into the trees all the way into the centre of Courchevel 1850.

Alternatively, take the Bouc Blanc chairlift. Ski straight off the top and down the Coqs red run or Loze Est green run. Both of these head down into Courchevel 1850.

Below the route is circled in yellow on a piste map:

La Tania to 1850

Getting Between Courchevel 1850 and La Tania without skiing

You can also get from Courchevel 1850 to La Tania by road. This is useful if you want to finish your ski day in one location without being stranded. 

A free ski bus runs throughout the Courchevel and La Tania ski resorts. You can access 1850, 1650 Moriond, 1550 Village, Le Praz, and La Tania on the ski bus. 

Check the bus timetable here.

To get from Courchevel 1850 to La Tania on foot you should take the Le Praz gondola or bus marked Le Praz down to Le Praz (Alpinium). Then take the bus marked La Tania.

To get from La Tania to Courchevel 1850 by bus take the large shuttle marked ‘Bozel’ or ‘Le Praz’. Ride for one stop until you arrive in Le Praz (Alpinium). Then change and get the bus marked ‘Courchevel 1850’. Or you can take the Le Praz gondola to 1850. Before 9am and after 5pm you don’t require a lift pass for this gondola.

You can also book a private taxi or rental car to take you between the villages. It is a short 10 minute drive.

Courchevel 1850 to La Tania Summary

I hope the information above helps you get from Courchevel 1850 to La Tania. 

It is very simple to ski between the two; you can use the Chenus gondola from 1850 then choose a red or blue run down into La Tania. 

To ski in the other direction, it takes two lifts. Use the La Tania gondola followed by the Dou Des Lanches or Bouc Blanc chairlift. This takes you high enough to ski around the ridge and into 1850.

If you need to do the journey on foot, then use the free ski bus. In both directions, you’ll need to change in Le Praz. Plus you could use the Le Praz gondola which runs to 1850 in 7 minutes.