What is the Courchevel Family Park?

The Family Park in Courchevel gets bigger and better every winter.

It started out as a mellow area with small jumps and bumps but now is a full terrain park to challenge all abilities, including the most advanced riders.

There’s lots to find inside this fun zone and snow park. It’s a place to try your first small jumps on skis or snowboards. Or you can race everyone down the easy going boardercross course. 

Adding to this, there’s a big airbag where you can learn to jump and get airtime with a soft landing. 

To find the Family Park, it is located just below the top of the Verdons gondola station. You can’t miss it on the right side of the Verdons blue piste.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the Courchevel ski area’s highlights.

Family Park entrance

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Terrain Park

As you enter the Family Park turn immediately left to access the terrain park. This is the area filled with kickers, boxes, and rails. What does all that mean I hear you ask?

Kicker – A ski jump.

Box – A long flat box you can slide down.

Rail – A thin metal rail to slide down for advanced riders (Looks like a handrail)

Beginner Line – The beginner line is marked with green poles on the right hand side. It is the placer to attempt your first ever jumps and box slides. The features are very small so you won’t leave the ground too much. You can go very slowly to get a feel for things.

Intermediate Line – This is the blue line running through the centre. It is for confident skiers who have no problems getting some air time. You need to be confident enough to carry a bit of speed into the features. You’ll get enough airtime to start doing 360 spins and tricks on the kickers and boxes. 

Advanced Line – On the left hand side you’ll see the big kickers. There is a barrier to go through marked ‘advanced’. This is for riders who know what they are doing with freestyle. You need to carry a lot of speed over the kickers, you will get a lot of airtime so it can be dangerous. You’ll also see rails and large boxes designed for confident freestyle riders. 

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Ask for twin-tips if you want to practice your freestyle skiing!

Skier/Border Cross

Most skiers and snowboarders will be able to enjoy the skiercross. If you’re comfortable on a blue run then this is no problem. It’s a mellow twisting course with rollers and dips. Kids love speeding down here. As you enter the Family Park stay right to join the skiercross. Wait at the top for your friends and family before racing to the bottom.

Big Air Bag

At the end of the Family Park is the Big Air Bag. You can’t miss the huge yellow, white, or orange air bag. You can walk the 10 or 15 steps to the top of the jump. Then it’s just you against gravity. If you want your first taste of air time on skis or want to learn freestyle sticks then this is for you. You’ll fly through the air before coming down to a soft landing. 

Family Park Courchevel: A Snow Park for Every Ability

Whether you want to learn your first jump, 360 spin on a box, or throw a huge backflip, the Family Park is ready for you!

You can build your confidence as you progress through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced freestyle features. 

If you just want to have a laugh with your friends and family, blast down the skiercross to claim bragging rights for the day. 

In addition, to get serious air time with a soft landing, head straight for the Big Air Bag.

Have fun!