Can You Ski From Courchevel to Val d’Isere?

No, you can’t ski from Courchevel to Val d’Isere.

This is because the ski resorts are located in two different ski areas.

Courchevel is a part of the world’s largest ski area known as The Three Valleys, which also includes Meribel and Val Thorens ski resorts. It is possible to ski between any of these resorts in The Three Valleys.

Val d’Isere is also in France but is part of a ski area called Espace Killy, which also includes the ski resort of Tignes. It is possible to ski between Val’d’Isere and Tignes.

There is no ski lift link between The Three Valleys or Espace Killy ski areas. If you want to ski both areas, you must purchase two different lift passes and drive between the resorts.

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How to Get from Val d’Isere to Courchevel?

To get between Courchevel and Val d’Isere you have to travel by road. The drive takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, although this can be longer in winter during adverse weather and peak vacation weeks.

On the map, you’ll notice that the two ski resorts are not that far apart geographically. Due to the mountain roads, the journey takes longer as you drive down through the towns of Moutiers and Bourg Saint Maurice before rising back up to altitude. 

In fact, geographically they are less than 20 miles (30km) apart but the drive by road is actually 50 miles (82km).

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Summing Up

It is impossible to ski between the two resorts of Val d’Isere and Courchevel. They are located in two different ski areas.

The only way to travel from one to the other is via a one and a half hour drive. Plus you’ll need to buy a lift pass specific to each ski area.