How to Get from London to Courchevel [3 Easy Ways]

A large portion of skiers travel from London to Courchevel every winter.

London is a major international travel hub with multiple airports and train stations serving travellers across the UK and the rest of the world. 

This popularity means you have a number of different choices in how you get between the two locations.

Below you will find out how to Courchevel from London travel by air, train, and car. We’ll go into detail about the airports and airlines, ski trains, and the journey by road.

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3 Easy Ways to Travel to Courchevel from London

Let’s take a look at the easiest ways to get to Courchevel from London.

Airplane and Ski Transfer

airplane flying over the alps

The majority of skiers and snowboarders choose to fly from London to the French Alps. 

The flight time is 1 hours 30 minutes.

Geneva is the busiest airport serving travellers to Courchevel. You can depart from any of London’s airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, and Luton. 

You’ll find flights leaving hourly and at competitive prices throughout the year. This is because Geneva airport serves skiers going to dozens of ski resorts. 

You’ll land at the airport right on the border of Switzerland and France. So you’ll arrive in Switzerland before driving into France and to your destination.

Airlines flying this route include:

  • British Airways
  • EasyJet
  • Swiss International

To get to Courchevel you’ll need to book a ski transfer. This can be a shared or private transfer. The drive takes about 2 hours 30 minutes, although it can take longer during peak weeks and bad weather.

You can also fly from London to Chambery during the winter. Chambery is a small international airport which is a 1 hour drive from the slopes. The flight time is 1 hour 30 minutes. You’ll find fewer flights and airlines for these routes, with higher prices too.

Lyon and Grenoble are also options for access to the French alps although fewer ski transfers run from these airports to Courchevel.

Ski Train

eurostar ski train in London station

Did you know you can travel from London to Courchevel by train? I’ve done it multiple times and it is growing in popularity!

In fact, there’s a Eurostar ski train travelling directly to the Alps. You can leave London on a Friday night and arrive at Moutiers on Saturday morning. No changes or stops!

For many people, this takes the stress out of flying – no baggage restrictions or long wait times. You can sit back and relax, plus it is better for your carbon footprint too! 

The train leaves from London St Pancras arriving in Moutiers in about 8 hours. Journeys are limited to the weekend during the winter (December until April.)

Moutiers is the closest train station to Courchevel, it sits at the bottom of the valley and is a 20 minute drive to the ski resort. You can make this drive with a private or shared transfer. Or take a local taxi.

If the ski train is not running, you can take the Eurostar to Paris. Then change trains to complete your onwards journey to Moutiers, this might require another change in Lyon or Chambery. It’s not quite as easy as the ski train, but still a pleasant journey if you don’t want to fly or drive.


snowy mountain road in the French alps

The other option is to drive from London to Courchevel. This is a very popular option with skiers bringing a lot of equipment, large families, and if you want a car in resort.

The total journey takes about 11 or 12 hours. This includes taking the ferry or channel tunnel train from Dover to Calais. 

Once you arrive in Calais it takes 8 or 9 hours to get to the resort. The drive is all motorway down through France towards Lyon. As you get to Lyon you turn left and drive another couple of hours into the mountains. You’ll eventually arrive in Moutiers, from here follow the signpost to Courchevel up the twisting mountain road. 

It’s a long way to drive in one go, so it’s best to stop for the night halfway. Good rest stops are Troyes or Dijon. Plus you’ll come across many other towns and hotels if you want to stop when you get tired.

You should also double check if your accommodation has parking, otherwise, you’ll need to use one of the local car parks. Adding to this, ensure your car is prepared for harsh winter conditions. If you’re arriving to heavy snow or icy roads, you’ll need snow chains to avoid getting stuck.

What’s the Best Way to get from London to Courchevel?

I hope you’ve found this travel guide to plan your trip from London to Courchevel helpful.

The most popular way is to fly to Geneva then get a ski transfer to resort. The flight takes 1 hour 30 minutes and the drive is 2 hours 30 minutes. Make sure to book your transfer ahead of time!

The ski train provides a very smooth option, and a brilliant choice to make the most of your ski trip. You can travel overnight and arrive in the mountains early on Saturday. Then it is just a 20 minutes drive to the slopes! Transfer companies will pick you up for the quick drive. The downside is that the ski train only runs on the weekend. Getting the train via Paris can be stressful if you have lots of baggage.

Driving is a good option if you have lots of ski equipment or a large group. Often it provides better value than 4 or 5 people flying and carrying equipment. Of course, it takes much longer and you need to find parking for the week,

Most people fly to Geneva and get a transfer. The quickest option. More people get the ski train as it can be less hassle and better for the environment. There’s no baggage weight limits for example and good value. If you have your own skis and want a car in resort, driving is a good option plus can be good value if you have a large family. Ferry and fuel cheaper then flights and transfers for 4 or 5 peoples.